Origami Rose

Finally spent some time adding the search functionality for gtk-look.el, you can check my ugly hack here (the new function is gtk-lookup-search-symbol). Used the O’Reilly book Writing GNU Emacs Extensions as an introduction to the subject, and had lots of fun with it. When Emacs switches to a modern lisp in 2025 I bet it will be a lot more fun 🙂

Ninja master Daniel Piedra^WStone instructed me about the evils of falling back to fbCompositeGeneral in the X fb code. Indeed the sucker appears quite a lot in my powerpc oprofile logs. One uninformed wild guess is that the lack of something like fbaltivec.c is not helping here. No good drivers + exotic architecture really buys you all the tickets for the most slow rendering path.

Last but not least, the Epiphany SoC application by Imran Patel to merge History and Bookmarks under a new backend was accepted! If it succeeds it should improve the Epihany user experience and allow other parts of the desktop to easily access that data.

PS: the nice origami rose was done by my girlfriend Sandra. I tried to do some stuff with her but the results won’t be shown to protect the innocent bystander.

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5 Responses to Origami Rose

  1. The rose is beautiful. Do you have a larger picture? It would make a nice wallpaper.

  2. Xan says:

    Sure. Do you want the full 2816×2112 (2.2MB) in your email?

  3. Alan Horkan says:

    That is a beautiful rose design. The designs I have seen previously have been much slimmer and more curved like a long stemmed single rose. This design looks much more like a full rose and it looks more like an elegantly folded design than one with any curling or twisting tricks.

    I too would greatly appreciate a copy of the design (and my email can deal with large attachment without any problems).

    The rose if very impressive and I expect you were able to produce nice results too, the crane is a fairly simple favourite. Maybe next time you will risk posting some of your own efforts too.

  4. Pascal Kolijn says:

    It certainly is a very beautiful and impressive rose design, If it would not be too much trouble, can you point me to the folding instructions (or send them if you have them in some electronic format)

  5. Xan says:

    Sandra followed this youtube videos to make the rose:

    The rose itself:

    The calyx:

    The exact name of the rose is “Kawasaki Rose”, if you google for it you can find several pages with PDF/HTML folding instructions. Have fun!

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