Siberian reinforcements

After a very productive GTK+ Meeting yesterday I’ve voluntereed to resurrect the Weekly Bug Reports (like this) with the aim of improving the rotting patch scenario of gtk+’s bugzilla. So, if you have GTK+ patches waiting for review in bugzilla, you are not in my preliminary list (don’t panic, I’m planning to use bugzilla for this) and would like to see this changing, send me an email to xan TA gnome TOD org.

git-send-bugzilla is amazing, check it out if you are not using it yet.

Finally, as seen on Acts of Volition:

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2 Responses to Siberian reinforcements

  1. I’ve flamed it once, and I’ll flame it again: Total Annihilation[1] is the superior RTS. And it came out a year before StarCraft!

    Not only that, but there’s an open source implementation of TA called Spring[2] that devours way too much of my time.

    Did I mention it runs on Linux?


  2. Xan says:

    TA is emacs, SC is vim. No need to argue, both are amazing.

    PS: crap, didn’t know about Spring, there it goes my proctivity.
    PPS: Dune II is ed. ed! (
    PPPS: I use emacs.

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