Browser Pong

Fresh from the ovens of Igalia‘s Industrial Web Hackery division I bring you what all of you were waiting for: support for the DOM methods window.{moveTo, resizeTo, moveBy, resizeBy} in WebKitGTK+, and the corresponding fix in Epiphany. What does this mean? It means that Browser Pong now works in Epiphany!

What? Browser Pong? Yes: Browser Pong.

Go nuts, this is better than World of Warcraft.

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4 Responses to Browser Pong

  1. QnoQ says:

    nice game, however it does not work when mouse-focus is activated )-:

  2. Claudio says:

    Estás pira’o.. 🙂

  3. diegoe says:

    Let’s rebase clutter on WebKitGTK+, this totally makes it ready for that.

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