Glade User Survey goes live!

Hello everyone! in the past few weeks I been working on a survey for Glade. The idea is that it will help us to better know our user base and thus allow us to take inform decisions to improve Glade users experience.
So please take a few minutes to complete it!


Juan Pablo

One thought on “Glade User Survey goes live!”

  1. What a strange licensing question.

    Why do you seperate free software and open source? You can’t write open source software which is not free software or the other way arround. As a reference see both OSI ( and FSF Europe (

    And why do you group commercial software with closed source? It doesn’t make sense to group a development model with a licensing model. For example I develop commercial open source software (== commercial free software) in my day to day job. But I can’t tell you this in your survey, because I don’t do closed source software.

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