It’s always fun to be at GUADEC

Sponsored by GNOME FoundationAs usual I would like to thanks the GNOME foundation for sponsoring my trip to Manchester to enjoy such a wonderful conference and give me the opportunity to present to the community the work I been doing on Glade’s UI for the past few months.

You can find the slides at

Obviously they are made with Glade, something which might seems odd, but is it really?

modern-ui branch


So besides a PDF you will find a tarball with all the source files. BTW You can use glade-previewer and PgUp and PgDown to switch pages

$ glade-previewer -f --css talk.css --slideshow


And some random pictures from GUADEC…

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5 Responses to It’s always fun to be at GUADEC

  1. Sam says:

    Cheers Juan i knew i could count on you for a flattering photo!!!

  2. John McHugh says:

    Is there a timeline for when you expect to have your modern-ui branch merged into mainline? Also have been working on updated wiki page on . Should I keep the roadmap from the old wiki page? I cant see any of the glade maintainers registered on the wiki.

    • xjuan says:

      Hello John, I plan to do a development release soon, but its too late for GNOME 3.26 and yes you can keep the old roadmap.

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