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streaming to Airtunes (Airport Express) with PulseAudio

So, being back in Australia, the sun is shining, I'm sat on my sofa and I can't help but feel like I'm on summer holidays. So I want to crank some Uh Huh Her on the stereo. We have an … Continue reading

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Upgrading to Ubuntu Karmic

Upgraded to Ubuntu Karmic pre-release today on my Thinkpad X200s. Had two issues: machine wouldn't prompt for the key to unencrypt the hard disk so it didn't boot. This seems to be Launchpad bug 446591. I followed this fix. forgot … Continue reading

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improving your code by fixing warnings

I don't know why, but there is a class of software programmer who seem to believe that compiler and runtime warnings are somehow optional, or something that can be cleaned up at a later date. This class of programmer is … Continue reading

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and now for something from the school of pure evil (setting a background on a GtkTextView)

This is something that comes up from time to time, someone wants to set some attractive background on a GtkTextView. Well, unfortunately for you, the theme engine isn't able to help you here because GtkTextView never calls gtk_paint_box() or friends. … Continue reading

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