Getting the GLib gdb macros with your own installed GLib

So there are these really cool debugging macros for GLib/GObject that do things like let you iterate GLists and pretty print GObjects and GHashTables and stuff that should nowadays be available in most distros.

Unfortunately when you build your own GLib to develop against, it all breaks.

It turns out, gdb locates when to load these things by looking in $prefix/share/gdb/auto-load/ and matching the sonames, so if you have libraries with a different soname (cause they’re new versions), or in a different prefix, it just doesn’t work.

Damien Lespiau has a workaround for this that adds a command to load them from a path you can control with sys.path; which works. I looked a little for a generic solution to feed the autoloader from my GLib build prefix, but I haven’t found one yet.

Having now looked at this. I’m also excited about possibilities for combining this with GObject-Introspection to potentially do some useful things. I don’t know what the caveats are here yet, what’s safe to call and what’s not.

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