higher level channel requesting in telepathy-glib

Thanks to the awesome work of Guillaume, telepathy-glib 0.11.12 now includes high-level API for requesting communications channels via Mission Control (the Channel Dispatcher). API is provided both for channels you wish to handle, or channels you want someone else to handle. The API uses the same asynchronous patterns as used in GIO.

For instance, to request a text channel to a contact that you want someone else (i.e. Empathy) to handle:

GHashTable *props = tp_asv_new (
    TP_PROP_CHANNEL_TARGET_ID, G_TYPE_STRING, "escher@tuxedo.cat",
TpAccountChannelRequest *request = tp_account_channel_request_new (TP_ACCOUNT (account),
    props, G_MAXINT64 /* current time */);
tp_account_channel_request_ensure_channel_async (request,
    NULL, NULL, _channel_ready, NULL);
g_hash_table_destroy (props);
g_object_unref (request);
static void
_channel_ready (GObject *request,
    GAsyncResult *res,
    gpointer user_data)
  GError *error = NULL;
  if (!tp_account_channel_request_ensure_channel_finish (
      TP_ACCOUNT_CHANNEL_REQUEST (request), res, &error))
    handle_error (error);

I’ve spent some time this week updating telepathy-glib examples to take advantage of new APIs, and they’ve all become noticeably shorter. The last two missing pieces of the puzzle are high-level wrappers for channel types (we have prototypes for tubes: stream, dbus) and a library of GTK+ widgets (a libfolks-gtk maybe?).

the Telepathy book has moved

By popular demand, I’ve moved the Telepathy Developer’s Manual http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/doc/book/ rather than having it in my personal webspace.

Yes, it’s still a work in progress. No, it still doesn’t cover VoIP (I’ve been waiting for the new Channel.Type.Call to undraft). Yes, most of the examples still require porting to Mission Control 5 (this week maybe?). No, it doesn’t cover Qt4 yet (patches accepted).

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This work by Danielle Madeley is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Australia.