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kpartx – mounting partitions inside disk images

This is a neat trick, and so I thought worth reblogging. I was handed a corrupt SD memory card yesterday and asked if I could try and get some Christmas photos off it. Typically, the first thing I did was … Continue reading

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Linux work available in Perth, Australia

Happy new year, everyone! Once again my former employer, Fugro Seismic Imaging, is looking for two new R&D staff for their office in Perth, Western Australia (one to replace someone who’s moving on, and another to grow the team). The … Continue reading

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more on DPI

Daniel Stone recently wrote this amusing summary of why saying OMG I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE MY DPI CORRECT is rarely, if ever, correct. Since most people who say this aren’t considering the two monitor case, I thought I’d provide a … Continue reading

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the death of the engineer

I find it so amusing yet depressing how afraid your average engineer now is now afraid of a computer. My brother started his first real engineering job and rapidly found himself with a problem he needed to solve. He can’t … Continue reading

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