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the end of something

This is my last day at Collabora. It’s more than a little sad. I’ve been at Collabora now since the start of 2009. I’ve watched the company grow from something small into something impressive. Collabora is the company for open … Continue reading

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why we need anti-harassment policies

Yesterday Michael Meeks expressed his distaste at GUADEC’s Attendee’s policy. I have personally advocated for conferences to adopt anti-harassment guidelines. I am also an advisor to The Ada Initiative, which is involved with this work. Michael writes: Fair enough getting … Continue reading

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now everyone should use their hackergotchi as their avatar

I was doing the work to close #645921, so we can finally remove the legacy theme code from Empathy. This required rewriting the legacy themes as Adium themes, which once I came to understand how Adium themes work, was really … Continue reading

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role models are important

Tammy Butow is putting together a montage of Australian women in tech for the Go Girls event, because role models are important. If you’re an Australian tech lady, submit your picture (remember to make it landscape, which I forgot the … Continue reading

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