now everyone should use their hackergotchi as their avatar

I was doing the work to close #645921, so we can finally remove the legacy theme code from Empathy. This required rewriting the legacy themes as Adium themes, which once I came to understand how Adium themes work, was really not that difficult.

Then I started thinking what else could I do… so I decided to do this:

Planet GNOME Empathy Theme

It could stand for a little bit of tweaking, but that should be easy for someone to do. I realised what’s especially nice about using WebKit is that we’ve opened ourselves up to the whole world of HTML5 and CSS3 in our themes. Chat themes animated by CSS transitions anyone?

We’re still looking for someone to make a good default Empathy theme for GNOME 3 (#645920). I’m hoping that having ported the default themes to HTML should make it easier for someone to use one of them as a launching point.

For reference, Adium theme documentation:

About Danielle

Danielle is an Australian software engineer, computer scientist and feminist. She doesn't really work on GNOME any more (sadly). Opinions and writing are solely her own and so not represent her employer, the GNOME Foundation, or anyone else but herself.
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12 Responses to now everyone should use their hackergotchi as their avatar

  1. foo says:

    /me wonders how many XSS issues there are

  2. Lucas says:

    The planet gnome theme looks really good. It be the default imho…

  3. Danielle says:

    All input coming from other users is escaped first, so you can’t inject random HTML into someone’s window.

  4. Simon says:

    Looks to be a little hard to follow without having different colours for different people. But I suspect that’d be less of an issue if Romeo and Juliet had unique avatars instead of the identical default ones.

  5. Danielle says:

    There are lots of options for a properly done new theme, which I haven’t explored here. For instance having the bubbles going in opposite directions. The theme format also allows you to assign a per-user colour via %styleColor% which I haven’t yet made use of (but I probably will in the ‘classic’ theme).

  6. Jack says:

    That theme isn’t so shabby to begin with. Thanks for attacking the bug and providing these resources, by the way- I’m sure to have lots of fun with it.

  7. Staz says:

    Can’t wait for the theme using WebGl ;)

  8. Jonny Lamb says:

    Pretty much the same thing was done over a year ago on the appropriate Empathy bug:

  9. Gil Forcada says:

    Really nice, it will be a really nice improvement for 3.6!

  10. Danielle says:

    @Jonny: yeah, I did notice the similarity to the mockup.

  11. Taryn Fox says:

    Oh hey, you’re the one working on that. >.>b I’ve been following that bug report. Good luck!

    Although I don’t have a hackergotchi because they wouldn’t let me use this as it.

  12. Sasan says:

    Looks great! I wonder if we can embed jQuery library in Empathy themes so with the help of this little plugin ( ) the theme could show the correct direction for the right to left languages like Hebrew and Persian.

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