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Extending geoalchemy through monkeypatching

I’ve been working on the data collection part of my cycle route modelling. I’m hoping that I can, as a first output, put together a map of where people are cycling in Melbourne. A crowd-sourced view of the best places … Continue reading

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scratching my own itch [or: why I still love open source]

I’m visiting my parents for the long weekend. Sitting in the airport I decided I should use my spare time to write some documentation, so sitting in the airport was the first time I’d tried to connect to work’s OpenVPN … Continue reading

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Review: GNOME 3 Application Development: Beginner’s Guide

The folk at Packt Publishing sent me an e-copy of GNOME 3 Application Development Beginners Guide a month or so ago. I’ve been putting off this review because I don’t think this is an very good book and it’s hard … Continue reading

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IdentitiesOnly + ssh-agent

I’m really hoping that someone can provide me with some enlightenment. I have a lot of ssh keys. 6 by today’s count. On my desktop I have my ssh configured with IdentitiesOnly yes and an IdentityFile for each host. This … Continue reading

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generic lettuce steps for Django models

After I left the Bureau approximately a month ago I’ve taken up a new role with Infoxchange Australia. My first project here is working on a rewrite of an application using Django. People here are really into behaviour driven testing, … Continue reading

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