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Getting NetworkManager work with pppoe connection on Ubuntu 9.10

When Ubuntu 9.10 releases, pppoe connection via NetworkManager is impossible because some bug in it. So I switched to the traditional but workable way – pppoeconf, now the problem seems to be solved when using nm team PPA, so I plan to turn back. But during my process, there are some other problems. Firstly nm […]

Quotation in ConTeXt

This time I read the guide on ConTeXt Wiki and learned some basic commands doing quotation. Not very much today in fact. 1.single quotes (‘): \quote{some text} 2.double quotes (“): \quotation{some text} 3.long quote sections: For single quote: \startquote … \stopquote For double quotes: \startquotation … \stopquotation 4.Nested quotations: Add following lines first: \setupdelimitedtext [quotation] […]

Font fallback in ConTeXt Mininals

Indubitably, I need to remix Chinese and English in one document. But English characters in Chinese fonts aren’t look good in most time as others, so font fallback is needed here. First, make a English font as a fallback of Chinese font: \definefontsynonym[song][name:adobesongstd] \definefontfallback[hereos][name:texgyreherosregular][0x0000-0x0400] \definefontsynonym[fbsong][song][fallbacks=hereos]   \definefont[newsong][fbsong] \setscript[hanzi]   \starttext \newsong 夹杂 English 的中文文本 \stoptext […]

Font model in ConTeXt - quick view from a starter

Font model in ConTeXt – quick view from a starter

There are three basic fonts in Chinese, Song, Hei and Fangsong, corresponding to Serif, Sans and Monospace in Latin characters. Another category is numbers, it is recognized as a separate category by ConTeXt. Using Adobe’s three fonts as a example, we can define type-myfonts.tex, a typescript file: \starttypescript[serif][zhfont] \definefontsynonym[Serif][name:adobesongstd] \definefontsynonym[SerifBold][name:adobesongstd] \definefontsynonym[SerifItalic][name:adobesongstd] \definefontsynonym[SerifBoldItalic][name:adobesongstd] \stoptypescript   \starttypescript […]

Installing ConTeXt Minimals

I’ve chosen to study a TeX, and finally choose ConTeXt because it uses LuaTeX engine that can support Chinese with less pain than using LaTeX as well as someone is complaining about XeTeX may output a lower quality. I don’t know who’s true, but according to my own perception, ConTeXt Minimals with LuaTex may be […]

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