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Two Day

We celebrated r’s 2nd birthday a bit over a week ago. She’s now old enough to understand the concept of a birthday, and it’s been really fun to watch her get excited about it. She’s also getting to the age where it’s a bit easier to find somebody to watch her while we go out […]

Feeling Productive

All the recent talk about tetris and canvases and animation prompted me to pick up the C++ bindings for clutter again and play around with it. I’ve added support for the clutter-cairo library and ported the ‘flowers’ demo to cluttermm. I’ve also spent some time in the past week adding a marginally useful feature to […]

Campaign Season

Being a political junky, I’ve of course been following the campaign season very closely here in the USA. This morning I was amused to receive a campaign email from a potential candidate for the US Senate here in Minnesota with the following engaging subject line: “General Campaign email template”. Well done, potential senator! On an […]