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Nemiver and gio

Yesterday I added a configure switch to nemiver to use gio (via giomm, which is shaping up nicely) instead of gnomevfs for file loading, mime-type detection, and file change monitoring. The process was quite painless, and the code ended up being considerably nicer than the equivalent in gnomevfs. In theory this should bring us a bit closer to being portable to other platforms as well. Cheers to alexl and everybody else working on gio.

Now if we could just get a replacement for gnome_help_display() into GTK+, we’d be able to knock off a lot of other extra dependencies as well.

Memory Editing

After a lovely and relaxing Thanksgiving break without any coding whatsoever, I’m trying to atone by pushing forward with nemiver a bit more (don’t worry, I’ll be going back to working on wrapping cluttermm again soon, but I’m sort of waiting for the 0.6 API to settle down a little bit first). In any case, as of last night, my branch of nemiver can view and edit memory, thanks to the magic of reusable widgets. GHex needs some modifications in order for it to work properly, so I haven’t pushed these changes to svn yet, but hopefully they’ll go in soon.

Testing Nemiver

Progress on nemiver has been slightly slower of late, but we’re making some steady progress on new things. In an effort to help more people test out newer versions of nemiver and to brush up on my packaging skills, I set up a personal package archive at launchpad about a week ago where I’ve uploaded a recent build of nemiver. Those of you using Ubuntu Feisty that want to try out a more up-to-date version of Nemiver can do so by adding the following lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb feisty main universe
deb-src feisty main  universe

Followed by the requisite apt-get install nemiver.

I’ll try to upload new versions periodically. Let me know if you have any issues with them. All of the usual caveats apply — this is development code so may not be completely stable, etc.