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git sucks

$ git commig -a git: ‘commig’ is not a git-command. See ‘git –help’. Did you mean this? commit It knows what I want to do and yet it makes me spell it correctly, just to spite me.

Fresh Start

A lot of things have made me happy lately. I hung up a bird feeder for the first time in a long time, and never get tired of watching cardinals out the front window. Joanne has been involved in Powderhorn 365, a community photography project for the Minneapolis neighborhood where we live. The idea is […]


As a quick follow-on to my last post, I’ve put a webkitmm git repository up for those that might want to play around with it. It’s certainly still early, but it is mostly complete. You’ll probably need a recent checkout WebKit/Gtk+, I’ve only tested it on trunk. At some point, I’ll probably import it into […]