As a quick follow-on to my last post, I’ve put a webkitmm git repository up for those that might want to play around with it. It’s certainly still early, but it is mostly complete. You’ll probably need a recent checkout WebKit/Gtk+, I’ve only tested it on trunk. At some point, I’ll probably import it into GNOME subversion, though I really don’t look forward to that.

There is a very simple browser example in the source tree as well:


4 thoughts on “webkitmm”

  1. Yay,

    So now, intrepid GNOME hackers that happen to be competent in C++ can play with web related ideas without having to fiddle with GObject macro soup and code boilerplate. Yet they’ll be able to enjoy system level code performance and compacity.

    Another point to note as well is that this leaves a chance to play with the DOM “natively”, i.e, without having to wrap the webkit DOM api into GObjects. Gtkmm apps can directly access the DOM by virtue of being C++ apps.

    Interesting times ahead.

    Well done.

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