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Sun 09 Sep 2001

dinner: Had a very nice Boullabaise for dinner tonight with Christian. Zana had Mahi Mahi. We also has Oysters and Buffalo shrimp. It all was very excellent. stray animals: While walking the dog with Christian and Zana, we ran into two dogs who had gotten loose. They were pretty friendly, though they mangaed to get […]

Sat 01 Sep 2001

Thirteen: Last night, while watching the Carolina panthers play the Cleveland Browns, play was stopped when the score was 13-13 with 13:13 left to go in the fourth quarter Dinner: In honor of Mrs Lewis from the Inspector Morse novels, we had eggs and chips for dinner.

Mon 30 Jul 2001

Movie (Elizabeth): Very cool movie. Very very good movie. Sir Francis Walsingham was very cool. Or maybe it’s just Geoffrey Rush. Hacking: Nautilus is so cool. Dinner: We went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. They were playing a version of the theme song from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” on the Sitar, […]

Fri 13 Jul 2001

movie (Alphaville): Watching alphaville. Odd, odd movie. A French version of 1984. Very odd. I need an Alpha 60 here. It would be fun to play go against it. movie (Chinese Ghost Story I): Last night, we watched this. It felt like a cross between Princess Bride and Evil Dead 2 (in Chinese). It was […]

Sat 07 Jul 2001

dinner: Dinner at the Pilot’s House. I had a nice sea trout with a baked potato and a hush puppy. And two Bass Ales. I found out my dad worked as manual labor for Bass when he was a teenager… beach: I went with my family to Ocracoke Island, today. It was a lot fun, […]

Fri 23 Mar 2001

Movie: Saw Highlander 2 and Sliding Doors the last few days. Sliding Doors rocked! Highlander 2 was truly, amazingly bad. I had no idea how they managed to make such a crappy movie… It was redeemed by one point — I loved the little movie they showed on the plane. However, the rest was truly […]

Wed 21 Mar 2001

Movie (My Fair Lady): Where the devil are my slippers? Finally got our first movie from Netflix. It’s a pretty good service, though I’d like to see what the turnaround is before I renew it. I had forgotten how much I liked this musical, though I think it ends on a somewhat flat note (by […]