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Today is my last day at Red Hat. I’ve been here for almost fifteen years, and it’s been a heckuva ride. I’ve seen GNOME and the Linux desktop grow from from pretty minimal beginings to what it is today. Looking back on it, I’m so proud of the work that the Red Hat desktop team […]


meta: It has been a long time since I’ve written anything. Being a father has taken its toll on my free time, and I got out of the habit of writing. As has happened every time I have hit a dry spell in the past, I count on the same thing to get me started […]

Thu 06 Nov 2003

GConfPropertyEditor: I was unable to sleep last night, and ended up staying up until 4:30 in the morning watching reruns of “Who’s Line is it Anyway” and working on my rewrite of the GConfPropertyEditors. Now that James Henstridge has done work on bug #69639 I have a lot more interest in getting this into the […]

Fri 10 Oct 2003

work: I’ve been wrestling with rhgb for the last week or so. I’m still not really satisfied that we’ve gotten all of the kinks out of it, but it’s much better than it was last week. We’ve gotten it to the point that it doesn’t slow down the boot much more than it booting without […]

Fri 12 Sep 2003

GNOME (2.4): It’s out. It wasn’t the prettiest release thus far, but it’s in good shape. I have big plans for 2.6. But first… GTK+ (2.4): This is in danger of slipping a bit. I really need to finish my GChildWatchSource patch and get it into glib. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a pretty […]

Mon 25 Aug 2003

GNOME: Had a surprisingly productive day building packages. Libtool still makes me contemplate taking up self-flagellation as a hobby, though. Maintenance: I had to leave work a bit early to get my car from the repair shop. A gasket in the oil tank started leaking. As is typical with the problems with cars, it was […]

Wed 13 Aug 2003

Moving: Trying to put all the pieces of my life back together after the movers managed to spread them all over the new house. Lots of things went wrong. Lots of things went right. When all is said and done, I love the house and being back in New England. One thing that didn’t go […]

Tue 03 Jun 2003

Life: We now tentatively have a house in Massachusetts. We’ll be moving up there after GU4DEC. It should be a lot of fun to be there, though the moving will be rough. TV: I think my current favorite show on TV is Boomtown. It may be just because I grew up in LA and thus […]

Sun 26 May 2002

GNOME: I might have fixed a nautilus tree bug. I need to fix Drag and Drop. GNOME 2.0 is so close to being released. We only have nasty showstopper bugs left. experience: In software, we often say “write it once intending to throw it away.” After spending a few months working on a workbench, I […]

Mon 13 May 2002

GNOME: I did nothing productive on GNOME this weekend (except reply to a few bugs.) I feel a little lame, especially given the UI freeze tomorrow. Tomorrow’s going to be busy trying to finish the new mime capplet in time for the drop-dead date. It will be awfully tight. Trading spaces: Something about this show […]