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Theme speed

The speed Metacity renders decorations depends on the theme in use. If you want to time all the themes installed and view them, use: for G in $(locate metacity-theme-1|grep /usr/share/themes|cut -d/ -f5); do metacity-theme-viewer $G; done Mean client-side times on my system to draw each frame, in ascending order of speed: Prelude (the theme given […]

A simple theme: Prelude

This is in answer to Stuart Langridge’s question about how the XFCE theme Prelude can be ported to Metacity.  Here is a quick attempt at porting it; I’ll be referring to that in what follows.  In order to install this theme for yourself, do: mkdir -p ~/.themes/Prelude/metacity-1 wget -O ~/.themes/Prelude/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml I’m not talking about […]

The letters page

Open thread: ask us a question, get an answer.

Take that, Descartes

Listen to this. Here are two ideas with which I broadly agree: A theme format is less useful without a program to edit the theme files.  Having to modify XML by hand is not a prospect which most people relish. If there’s to be a third version of the Metacity theme format, it would be […]

Metacity 2.25.89

What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? The maximisation key is a toggle. (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 343824) “Unmaximise” is now called “restore”. (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 343824) New thread handling call for gconf (Frederic ) (GNOME bug 565517) Add screenshot commands […]

2008-12-23: Metacity Journal

Listen to this. The patch in GNOME bug 482354 (the one about windows which present to other workspaces, which almost every distro has included) was finally committed . GNOME bug 83892, double-click to close, is still being argued over; your chronicler would like to hear some usability experts discuss the reasons given for its inclusion. GNOME […]


Listen to this . Launchpad bug 124326 requests a new titlebar button which minimises an application to the notification area rather than ordinary minimisation. Mostly this is currently done with the close button on the apps which support it, but some people feel it would be cleaner if these two functions were distinct. This action has […]

Extra buttons

Listen to this. Sometimes, as in GNOME bug 562650, people ask for extra buttons on the titlebar to go along with the standard set.  On the face of it, if you may bind a keystroke to some action, there is no reason why you should not be allowed to add it to the titlebar.  The […]

The easiest way to turn on compositing

Listen to this. For everyone complaining about having to use gconf-editor to turn compositing on: Hit alt-f2 Type metacity -c Hit return THAT IS ALL.

How to apply a patch (under Ubuntu)

Listen to this. Someone wants to know how to apply Bugzilla patch 124290 under Ubuntu. sudo apt-get build-dep metacity apt-get source metacity cd metacity-2.24.0 wget -O – | patch -p1 ./configure make sudo make install (I would include the output but it’d be in Welsh.)