Monthly Archives: January 2009

Inbox zero

It’s been a few weeks since the Western new year (though the Chinese new year is coming up), so it’s a bit late for resolutions, but let’s pretend. There are currently 447 open bugs on the Metacity bug tracker, which I think is an unsupportable situation. So let’s say that by 25 January 2010 all […]

Metacity and D-Bus

GNOME bug 531512 suggests that Metacity should have a D-Bus interface.  On the face of it, this is a good idea.  However, the problem lies in the existing EWMH specification, which allows a program to request operations from a window manager– simply put, it’s pretty much exactly what a D-Bus interface would be, but it […]

Any autotools geniuses out there?

I can’t tell why this setup doesn’t compile test/veracity/veracity.c.  What am I missing?  I freely admit I suck at autotools. (veracity there is not much like the version which will end up being merged at all– it’s just the bones.)


I think most people who design Metacity themes don’t read this blog, which is a shame because they’re a particularly specialist bunch of users and I’d like their opinions on things. Does anyone know where enough of them hang out that I could contact them? Or should I just bcc contact addresses in a bunch […]

The answers page

Feel free to ask more questions, but here are answers to the ones you asked already: How would you make a Prelude theme? Answered here and now floating around the net. Will the compositor ever be enabled by default? I’d like it to be.  There are apparently people it still doesn’t work for well, though.  […]

Half-finished code finishing marathon time

I have several half-finished bits of code lying around.  I think I’ll make an effort to merge them in, at least in test branches, to see what people think.  (When we get a DVCS, this will be easier.) Veracity, a test suite.  This is about two-thirds done, but will require a bit of autotools magic […]