Monthly Archives: February 2009

More failed experiments in theming

Not very surprisingly, replacing horizontal and vertical lines with rectangles doesn’t speed things up detectably.  (There once were systems where this made a difference, but I think GTK is probably clever enough that this doesn’t matter.) More interestingly, plotting the title to a monochrome bitmap, and then setting that bitmap as a stipple and drawing […]

Squib of the day: extend plugin possibilities

For once, this isn’t about an existing bug– well, there’s a tenuous connection to GNOME bug 311428. Several of the recent squibs have resulted in the observation that an external script could be made to do the work.  This is true for responding to keypresses, but for problems such as performing some action whenever a […]

Version 3 themes

Several ideas have come up recently about extensions to the theme format.  Here are some rather disjointed notes about the problems we face here.  I apologise for their fragmentary nature. According to policy, incompatible changes must be made all at once with a new version of the theme format, to preserve backward compatibility.  (This has […]

Some of the tools

Here are some of the tools that ship in the tools directory of Metacity: is the script that produces release announcements in both text form (for gnome-announce-list) and HTML (for posts like this one).  It needs some polishing. puts up an editor for a ChangeLog entry, then commits current changes.  It used to […]

Squib of the day: Remove alt-tab entirely

In GNOME bug 570079, someone suggests throwing away alt-tab entirely to replace it with an external program, specifically superswitcher. Of course, you can already do this by disabling the ordinary alt-tab action and then assigning superswitcher to be one of the custom commands, but I think they want it shipped that way by default. I […]

2009-02-02: Metacity Journal

It’s that journal thing again. Bugs They just keep piling up, don’t they ? GNOME bug 163023 – claimed no longer relevant GNOME bug 310842 – prefixes, squib from a few days back: what’s the use case ? GNOME bug 339692 – possible patch; compiz doesn’t like it GNOME bug 387139 – possibly actually a gedit issue […]

Sorry for the silence

Sorry for the silence of the past few days; I’ve been working on a possible fix to the theme rendering code, after the test suite told me that the part which calculates the value of expressions was a bit slow.  Currently it tokenises during theme load but parses every evaluation.  I thought that if I […]

Metacity 2.25.144 released

What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Thanks to Matthias Claesen, Matt Kraai, Elijah Newren, Owen Taylor, and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. Optimise window property lookup (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 549886) Fix slip in the above (Matt) Several memory […]