Sylpheed FAQ revision 2.2 released

Sylpheed FAQ revision 2.2 released on 2010-08-09

New revision of Sylpheed FAQ has been officially released from the Sylpheed Documentation Project to reflect changes in the upcoming Sylpheed 3.1.

You can view the FAQ either as a multi-page or single-page HTML document at:

Or download it together with source DocBook XML files in a .tar.gz or .zip archive from:

The source DocBook XML files are also available in the Project CVS repository, see:

Changes over the past 4 months

* New Q&A "Can I run multiple instances of Sylpheed?"
* New Q&A "Execute command for my dynamic signature seems not to be working!"
* Updated Q&A on environment variables
* Updated Q&A on automatic name completion
* Updated Q&A on Sylpheed plug-ins
* Other minor edits throughout the document
* To better comply with the GFDL license, the source DocBook XML files together with the plain text copy of the GFDL license and appropriate legal notice are now distributed in tarballs with each documentation release, and the exact way of how to obtain the source files is mentioned explicitly in the document; thanks to Ricardo Mones for pointing these legal issues out

All other information on the Sylpheed Documentation Project including how to contribute to the documentation effort is available at:

Contributors to this and previous releases

Paul Kater, Jens Oberender, Francois Barriere, Olivier Delhomme, Petr Kovar



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