Plans for the next GNOME docs hackfest

The GNOME documentation team started planning the next docs hackfest after some (rather long) months of decreased activity on that front. The previous docs sprint was actually held in Cincinnati, OH, in 2015, produced lots of content updates and we’d like to repeat that experience again this year from August 14th through 16th, 2017.

As with the previous event, the 2017 docs sprint will happen right after the Open Help Conference, which is returning this year thanks to Shaun.

What we want to do differently this year is extending invitation to all people interested in GNOME content, whether it is upstream or downstream. We would especially like to see some Ubuntu folks attending. With Ubuntu moving to upstream GNOME, we are already seeing an increased number of docs patches coming from Ubuntu contributors, which is great, and I think having a joint documentation event could strengthen and expand the connections even more!

GNOME docs
GNOME docs are a friendly bunch of people!

Interested? Let us know! I’ve set up a wiki page with details on the event where you can sign up and propose your own ideas for agenda.

As always, you can find GNOME docs folks in #docs on

Hope to see you all at the sprint!

4 thoughts on “Plans for the next GNOME docs hackfest”

  1. May you want to take ideas from:

    They provide beautiful and useful information about classes, descendant, inherited method and more. All well organized.

    As you can see, it has lot of examples, something missing in gtk-doc generated docs. Also a Wiki to add more that just parsed documentation is great.

    I know you are going to say NO! But I can suggest to join efforts in order to produce next-gen gtk-doc, maybe based in valadoc.

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