Good Morning World

This is a deviation from the default “Hello World” title, not the name of a breakfast TV show.

Hi. I’m António Fernandes and this is my newly-created GNOME blog.

This is a belated debut, as I’ve been a foundation member for two years already. I’m doing it now thanks to GUADEC (the topic of the next post) and Sam’s challenge (which inspired the name for this blog).

My long story short: With Ubuntu Lucid, I’ve started using GNOME. With JHBuild, I’ve started using gnome-shell 2.9x. With the Bug Squad, I found an easy way to contribute back. With nautilus, one of the top 5 products back at Bugzilla, whose bugs I would seasonally triage the following years, I found my niche. With Carlos, I became part of nautilus team. And with Builder, I’ve learnt C and started hacking on nautilus.

Nowadays I manage nautilus issue reports and merge requests in GNOME’s GitLab, but I’m also very interested in UX design and usability. These are topics you can expect me to write about in this blog.