Files 40.alpha: Creation timestamp & Wallpaper portal

Hi there, GNOME Planet. In my last post I’ve promised that the next one would have screenshots of new developments in the Files app, and it’s finally here! It took me longer than I expected back then. After the 3.38 release, I had to focus my time elsewhere: assisting and training local primary health care […]

My first GUADEC

My first… This summer I’ve had my first travel by plane, which has been my first trip to Greece, where I’ve had my first in-person meeting with fellow GNOME contributors, by attending my first GUADEC. These were but some of my “first”-type achievements which made me very glad to have attended it, and happy to […]

Good Morning World

This is a deviation from the default “Hello World” title, not the name of a breakfast TV show. Hi. I’m António Fernandes and this is my newly-created GNOME blog. This is a belated debut, as I’ve been a foundation member for two years already. I’m doing it now thanks to GUADEC (the topic of the […]