6 months later: nautilus co-maintainership and GSoC mentorship

It’s been a little over six months since my last blog post. It’s not like nothing happened since; I’ve just not got used to this yet.

As Ondřej Holý has previously blogged, the (now old) news are that he has invited me to be co-maintainer of the Files app. I was hesitant at first. I’m not sure if it was what’s called imposter syndrome, but I did worry I was not qualified to be maintainer, as I have no formal education on software engineering. I’ve started to overcome my doubts while attending GUADEC 2019, thanks to everyone who encouraged me, and I’ve finally cleared them thanks to Ondřej’s invitation and support. Now I’m happy to have accepted the challenge.

Later another challenge arose: becoming a mentor for a Google Summer of Code project. The first few times I was asked if I would be a mentor, I’ve dismissed it as not having time, but the actual reason was I believed I would not come up with a good project idea. As it turned out, I actually had already written a project idea, I had just not realized it until Felipe Borges told me it was a valid idea. And this past week the project has been accepted. Today I’ve had a great conversation with my student, Apoorv Sachan, as our first scheduled IRC meeting. Now I’m also happy to have accepted this challenge too.

Now, enough with boring personal experiences, right? Okay, okay, I hear you, I promise next post will have screenshots of new developments in the Files app!

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