GNOME.Asia 2013 report

I’m very honor that I could as an organizer to contribute to this summit.

I arrived Korea in May 23th, met with local team, visited the NIPA and debugged 3D printer together.

On May 24th, Karen show us her passion in GNOME, Allan Day’s 101 training is very good, and it gave me an idea to have same training in Beijing in future. And I got an gift as the winner of this years TShirt Design game.


On May 25th I gave a training for local students, how to use gnome-shell and how to write a simple extension for gnome-shell. After that, we made a lucky draw for the participant with the Lemote laptop. And I also listened the Eric and Tobias session, they are my favorites.
At night the speakers and organizers had a small beer party together.


Last day, I took part in tourist which organized by the local team.


In total, it’s a very impressive event for me in this year.

Thanks for GNOME Foundation to sponsor me to GNOME.Asia 2013 in Korea.


Below is some pictures which I took in this summit!

Back from GUADEC 2012

I was back home last week after GUADEC in A Coruña, and a week’s vacation after that.

Another post-GUADEC wrap-up. And I’m still processing the many amounts of information,
ideas and discussions in my head. A few things worth sharing:

First it’s the best planned GUADEC in modern history, everything worked properly, thanks for the organizers.

About the talk, the keynote on first day is ‘The Tor Project’ which I never heard it before, I feel it’s very useful in China, :), cause we have GFW,
and I talked with Jacob in ‘Welcome Cocktail Party’ about let the NetworkManager support the tor project, it’s a good idea and I’ll find some time to dig it.

Another interesting talk ‘GNOME online accounts: for users and hackers’  triggers me that we should add support for weibo which is very famous ‘twitter’ in China.

‘How to fix a font’ on 3rd day is very fresh for me, and I ask Willis an font issue which I met in work why Acroread font display unnormal,
but unfortunly not got the solution, 🙂

Another touching talk was the History of GNOME talk given by Jonathan Blandford, Federico Mena Quintero and Dave Mason on last day.
They told the story of the early days of GNOME, and got much applause when showing some dead contributors, it’s really moving.

There are so many topics which I enjoyed, I don’t want to describe each one in here, in short I learned a lot of top-edge technology, such as the GNOME OS, Wayland, openShift and gnome-box.

And in this year GUADEC, I applied an volunteers to be a Session Chairman, it’s a great experience for myself.

It’s very happy to take part in Football and basketball match, and knew a lot of good team player.

After the main conference days, the BoFs were up. The one I attended was the GNOME OS session.

Here I met some old friends and also new one, I’ll share some picture below.
Also you can find more pictures from here .


At last, a very big thanks to the GNOME Foundation and SUSE for sponsoring my trip.

Back from GNOME.Asia 2012

I participated the GNOME.Asia 2012 in HongKong last week, so now I should take advantage of the memory still fresh to make a summary. It’s a very exited experience in GNOME Asia 2012 in HongKong.

My two topics got approved in this conference, and I really learned a lot from preparation.
1) Local GNOME Users Group experience — Beijing and Taiwan (Bin Li, China and ChunHung Huang, Taiwan) (English), pdf file.
2) Open Build Service (Bin Li, China) (English), pdf file.

At this conference I met a lot of developer in Asia. The topic which I like most is from
Fred Chien (Taiwan) talked about some cool work with JaveScript in GNOME.

And also I met some foreigner, Aleksander,and JF, which I met them in Desktop Summit 2011.
Aleksander Morgado which is from Spain introduce ModemManager now supporting 4G/LTE.
JF which from Canada share the PiTiVi to us.

You can find a lot of topics from our Beijing GNOME User Group.
Weiwu Zhang,Tong Hui, FanJun Kong, Ms Liansu Yu, Ms Eleanor Chen

We have a video clip to show BJGUG in Gnome Asia 2012.


You can find the detail from

A little pity is that there are not so many people here, I hope next year more and more people could know and enjoy GNOME.Asia if it’s in Beijing.

At last I’ll share some pictures from GNOME Asia and thanks for the sponsorship from GNOME foundation and SUSE.

You can find more pictures in .

[Talk about the OBS]

[Introduce Beijing GNOME User Group]

[Max with BJGUG]

[Group photo in close day]
GNOME Asia 2012

Back from Desktop Summit 2011

Back from Berlin already 2 weeks, and it’s time to make a report about this desktop summit 2011.

I arrived at Friday in Berlin and took part in the Pre-Registration in c-base, and the interesting thing was that the first time in my life I drink an open source beer. :D.

From DesktopSummit

And from the first 3-days presentations, I enjoyed a lot of topic, “GNOME: The state of the Union“, “Network and Location Awareness in Your Application“, “Theming GTK+ 3 widgets with CSS“, “Ramblings of a retired release manager“, “GNOME a continent, starting from Asia.” and ….
And the most impressive one is the “Hitler is briefed about GNOME 3“, the GNOME people are genius.

It was very relax and happy to take part in the Beach Party(Sponsored by Intel), Island Party(Sponsored by Collabora), and Football(Sponsored by SUSE). In the football, I was in the Pink Team.
In BoFs, I attend the “On D-Bus” and “NetworkMgr & ModemMgr“, from here I know about the latest feature of NM and MM, and met with upstream maintainer, Dan Williams and the knetworkmanager developer, Lamarque Vieira Souza. It’s a little pity that the time is very short, and we are the last BoF, after that the classroom will be closed, and we don’t have enough time to ask more questions.

Here again met with a lot of friends, Andreas, Bruno, Scott Revees, Vincent Untz, Michael Meeks, and also met many new friends, Brian Cameron and Larmarque.

From DesktopSummit
From DesktopSummit

It’s very exciting and helpful journey, I got more passion in GNOME. And here big thanks for GNOME Foundation and SUSE’s sponsor for my trip.Travel and lodging has been sponsored by the GNOME Foundation:

GNOME3.0 Install-fest





Back from GUADEC 2010

It’s my first time to attend the GUADEC 2010, the Hague was awesome. Here I met a lot of passion and great contributors, put their faces to names. And I knew about the latest status of Shell, Clutter and GNOME 3.

Here I met Dominique, Vincent, Scott, Paul, Mario, Gabriel, …

Dominique Leuenberger, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Vincent Untz, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Novell guys, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

Mario Gonzalez, originally uploaded by libin_charles.

And I gave a lightening talk in the last day which is 30th July. The topic is “How to let NetworkManager more security?”, it’s not a big deal, just tell the new comer how to use the PolicyKit let application more security. You can get more detail from here .

I also took part in the the beach BBQ party on Thursday at Scheveningen, which is organized by Collabora. The food was very delicious, here I played the table football and talked freely with everyone you liked. It’s very nice!

My pictures in GUADEC 2010.

Thanks to all and the GNOME Foundation in particular.