Moving day!

hi everyone;

a couple of years ago we started moving infrastructure away from a server hosted at the Intel OTC. Git and Bugzilla were the first two services moved under the GNOME infrastructure ((or to GitHub for non-GNOME specific components)); the Wiki followed a month ago.

today, we move the mailing list from to and the blog to

I would like to thank the Intel IT team for taking care of the Intel/OTC side of things, and the GNOME System administration team for their help in the migration — kudos.

there are still some bits missing — the cookbook, for instance, still needs a new home on; and the domain needs to be transferred — but I’m sure we’ll be able to sort these issues out soon.

in the mean time, have fun with Clutter!

3 thoughts on “Moving day!”

    1. @Travis: the cookbook is built with Clutter, so it can be built and installed and you can use DevHelp to read it; I’ve asked to have it moved to, but it’s taking a little bit more time than expected.

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