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Clutter releases are made in two streams: stable releases have even version numbers and are production use with a stable API/ABI; unstable releases have odd version numbers and are intended for developers wanting to test the latest Clutter features, and/or contribute to Clutter development.

Source code tarballs for Clutter core, add-on libraries and bindings for various languages can be downloaded from

The latest releases of Clutter core are available here.

For pre-built Linux binary packages consult your distribution’s package management tools. Packages for Clutter are currently available for several Linux distributions, including Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, SUSE, and Ubuntu.

Source code repository

Bleeding-edge Clutter source code is accessible through our Git repository. To check out a local copy of the sources:

git clone git://

The repository is also browsable through a web interface.

11 thoughts on “Get it!”

  1. How to install (use) clutter with python 3.30 and PyScripter 2.5.3 on windows xp and windows 7? I have some examples using clutter like this:

    import clutter
    import time
    I am pretty new in this (it’s obvious, right?)

    Thanks in advance! Regards

    1. @OK: Clutter itself does not use GL: it uses Cogl, which is a library that abstracts most GL usage. Cogl can be ported to non-GL drawing, like DirectX, but it hasn’t been done yet.

      if you mean porting to systems without hardware acceleration capabilities, you really want to contribute to Mesa, and its software rasterizer instead.

      GL is just an API: the implementation can be backed by a driver that does most operations on the GPU, or fall back on the CPU.

  2. Dear clutter devs,

    I’d like to know where to get dax-0.2 (I’ve looking everywhere) as required by pinpoint-0.1.4, and is it still developed? looks like cool powerpoint apps! thanks

    1. there is no need for PyClutter any more: Clutter exports introspection data, so it’s possible to use it like any other GNOME library, through pygobject.

  3. hello!!!!!

    Can you provide me information about the clutter …that how clutter is working in a thread for uploading multiple images in that particular secondary thread.

  4. am being driven nuts by my inability to position an image actor on a clutter stage in a cpp project using clutter libraries. with the link below one can see a chart in the upper right (785 8 407 – that should do exactly what i want. how can i get the source code for this?

    alternatively, some insight on the function to position a 2d chart would help.

    appreciate any help.

    thx – j

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