One and a half year ago…

I joined the most incredible free software project out there. Thanks to that shy email to Glynn Foster and the less-shy question avalanche to Lucas Rocha. Lots of people have helped me among all the this -short- time contributing to GNOME. I can’t name them all without forgetting names so I prefer to avoid name lists.

I’m amazed of how in this short time I have came to know a lot of cool people and friends, people that live in the other side of the world, people that live on my neighbour countries. It has been a really great experience, and I’m sure I’m not gonna regret having spend my time meeting and working with such fantastic people.

Remembering all this makes me home^WGUADEC-sick, I can’t wait to see you all next year!. That also reminds me that some days ago, after watching Harry Potter I thought: “hah, GUADEC is like my Hogwarts” LOL.

Thanks to all that people that has helped me answering my questions, smacking me in the head, reviewing my patches, carrying me out of the pitch like a bag of potatoes, etc. I really owe it all to you guys!.

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