Yeah we had like THE earthquake over here. Thanks $deity Lima was not that affected, Ica on the other hand had a lot of disasters.

Cellphones and phonelines died for almost 3 or 4 hours after the Earthquake. Luckily I was able to communicate with my family via SMS. I’ll need to update their communication skills so they can use Internet which was the ONLY service that was still working. Police even had to use a local radio station to broadcast some info to the policemen.

Right now it’s 4:30 AM, no idea if I’m watching live coverage on local TV (maybe it’s just a rerun of earlier coverage). But hell lot of chaos. 155 people have passed away and 1300 is the estimate of injured ones.

You can follow up the event on Wikinews. Also some info is being archived on the Wikipedia article about the Earthquake. Also El Comercio, the biggest local newspaper, has a lot of coverage on its website (that looks pretty cool btw).

And yes, it was on GNOME’s 10th birthday :). Well, time to get some sleep but before I’ll put some stuff on my survival kit (which, guess what, includes my N800).

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