End of elections and some other things

Election is over!. It was quite an interesting ride to be a candidate, I got 52 votes which tells me that there are 52 foundation members crazy enough to trust me… you should go check your heads my friends.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who voted for me and encouraged me during the process. I feel happy to have received trust from 1/3 of the voters
And of course, good luck to the new Board members! you can count with my help.

Some hacking

Later today, after the electoral booze ran out, I scratched my own itch and filled gnome bug #503173. I run gnome-system-monitor by mistake everyday because I click on it by accident when trying to switch to other workspaces. Patch attached if you want to be able to turn that off!.
Also, days ago I attached some patches for adding some bling to Epiphany’s download manager: gnome bug #327734 and gnome bug #311209. One for adding notifications to new downloads when the window is hidden and one for being able to cancel more than one download at a time.
Technology that you can only dream of.

Earlier this cycle, I did a quick patch for adding previews for the file chooser, no more nautilus+epiphany when uploading images. Another self-scratching.

I hope to be able to get some more stuff done for 2.22, I suddenly feel hacky again :).

Events and kung-fu-rences

We are on the final days before DíaDebian2007, Rudy created a Facebook event but nobody has cared to join it… doesn’t surprise me, it’s not like people here care about Facebook. By the way, I can’t say how much the lack of default privacy of Facebook scares the midochlorians out of me.

The event will be at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería this Saturday, from 3pm to 7pm (that’s 8pm to 2am UTC), you can check the schedule. It’s gonna kick ass.

Tomorrow or after-tomorrow we’ll go to our local underground provider to make some pins for giving away this Saturday.

I hope to take a good ammount of pictures, wish us luck.

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