Locked out of Google world

So, seems like Google locked me out of my account today. Apparently for my own protection. Perhaps they are right and they are preventing me from being harmed.

In case you sent me a million dollar offer or something really important, this is why I haven’t replied.


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5 Responses to Locked out of Google world

  1. Gil Forcada says:

    Esto te pasa por ser cheap bastard!

  2. jordi says:

    I hope you get a quick resolution to this problem.

    I’m happy that I’m still managing to resist to make Google stuff which require an account an important part of my daily stuff. At work I see people relying on Google Calendar all the time, it’s just… dangerous. 🙂

  3. hendi says:

    Yeah, welcome to the Google trap! The sweetness of gmail etc. never outweights the dangers which relying on proprietary online services brings.

  4. koko says:

    @hendi, gmail gives a HUGE productivity boost for me and many others. Never outweight the gain from those free apps. 😉
    Cases like this are rare. I hope soon you will find resolution for this.

    (btw. you can always sync GoogleCalendar with local calendar apps, like Outlook. So then you are safe because you have always your up too date calendar also locally)

  5. Killerkiwi says:

    Its not the famous unlock captcha is it ?

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