Still locked out of Google

Google continues to lock me out of my account apparently just for fun. NOT A SINGLE ANSWER I have got from their bazillion of forms.

I’m obviously pissed off by this, so far the best I have got have been automated replies from forms spitting standard answers to me, answers also in the GMail web help. Yes, that kind of answer “please check that the router is ON”.

Google: you are making me unhappy, I have been happy to recommend you to friends, but doesn’t seem like I will keep doing it after this.

I have bazillions of stuff rotting in queue because of this.

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7 Responses to Still locked out of Google

  1. Tony says:

    Just took a look through your blog… you’re in the Google Summer of Code.

    You should get somebody who organizes the Google Summer of Code to take your case to googlers who can give you permission back. Seriously, if you’re doing work affiliated with them it shouldn’t be that hard to get in contact.

  2. But! But! But! The web is the future!
    Don’t say nasty stuff about Google!

    😉 😀

  3. Markus says:

    How did a FOSS person like you even got locked into Google in the first place?
    Just don’t use proprietary crap like this.

  4. I’d recommend getting a GAFYD account (only $50/yr); you can call them any time and talk to someone. And there’s a service level agreement and contract involved, since, you know, you’re actually paying for it.

  5. ibart says:

    yeah they suck they banned me from youtube for no reasons. bah my 5 years old id life buried with a single click. …

  6. Martin says:

    Yep, this pisses me off as well, if we are talking about the same error (me in Evolution):

    for now, I’ve hopefully workarounded it my deleting tens of thousands of old mail and increasing the email check interval to 10 minutes… I’ll see if it helps, so far it does…

  7. diegoe says:

    I have now recovered my account, I’m still pissed though. I’ll post later about my new online life setup, I decided to make my own cloud.

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