FreeFA cup 2009

Every year brave players from the 5 continents gather together to define who’s the best in the deadliest sport there is: soccer.

FreeFA 2008

photo © by Alia and Zaheer Abbas –

While in its already various years of existence the FreeFA cup haven’t yet taken any victim, we still like to think it’s quite dangerous and brave to play.

If you would like to become part of history books and be admired for generations yet to come, sign up now in the GCDS wiki (registration required on the main page).

Pack up your shinpads and football shoes, plus one or two colours of shirts you can sweat confidently.

Teams and time will be sorted while on the island.

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2 Responses to FreeFA cup 2009

  1. Felix says:

    Great news….

    see you there guys!

  2. aklapper says:

    > Teams and time will be sorted while on the island.

    sounds chaotic, as I don’t expect most people to stay there for the entire week (me neither). Hence you will end up with half of the people that signed up in the wiki. Enjoy organizing. :-/

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