Gran canaria tidbytes (ala vuntz)

  • Had an insane long walk trying to find a cuban restaurant, we finally discovered it was 1 block away from Catalina Park. Not really good in the end.
  • Met a lot of nice GNOME Hispano people already and gave and received lots of hugs, GUADEC is always full of hugs. It’s the hug conference.
  • The Sponsored by GNOME Foundation badges are awesome, great idea by Germán and incredible artwork by Vinicius (that awesome brazilian guy that gave the green colored UI suggestions talk). If you want one, ask Germán or me.
  • Seif Lotfy showed me some cool Zeitgeist ENGINE (I’m still trying to pronounce it correctly) stuff, really nice since it’s not really an UI but more like a new concept regarding how we can gather data about how people use their desktop, his talk is today in the afternoon, be there!
  • Had fun seeing Vincent and Lucas being gringos in the stores by the beach, sort of feels like being at home. Lucas doesn’t really understand Spanish but he believes he does.
  • Will be hanging around the conference today, eating icecream.
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3 Responses to Gran canaria tidbytes (ala vuntz)

  1. antxon urrutia says:


    Solo por un casual, no sabras la clave WEP del hotel, verdad? thx 🙂

  2. diegoe says:

    qué hotel? la de Catalina Park para la red “CatalinaPark” es “catalinaparkc”.

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