¡Vamos al sur!

This past weekend I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the mother of all bacteria, I have a pharyngitis since last Thursday. Turns out the bastard is resistant to amoxiciline so just yesterday I got switched to something different to try to kill it. It seems I’m better now but I’m still ‘infected’.

Bad timing. I’ll be travelling in a few hours to Valparaíso, Chile for the 10th Encuentro Linux and Día GNOME 2009. I’ll be giving a small talk/workshop about some cool stuff you can do with WebKitGTK+. I gotta say I’ve stolen content from Xan López, Gustavo Noronha and Christian Dywan‘s talk at Gran Canaria, don’t blame me, it was a nice talk.

voy voy

I’m focusing in examples so I hope the code I’m producing will prove helpful as a base for more talks, I’ll try to translate it to English and upload it somewhere visible :). Many thanks to Encuentro Linux organizers for sponsoring my ticket and accommodation.

On Saturday, I’ll be speaking jointly with Pedro Villavicencio about the GNOME Community and how cool it is and why you should join. It will have interesting info, comments and, of course, photos ;-).

This year I’m glad that two new peruvian GNOME contributors are travelling with me to meet with the GNOME Chile people and enjoy their first GNOME-related conference. Sergio Infante, triager and GNOME Hispano IRC talks organizer, together with Juan Rojas, patch maker and tester, will be talking about the good and bad of involving with GNOME: what can we do better, what are we not doing, etc. Their talk is really promising for me, since they have a much better point of view than any of us, since they are new contributors. They are travelling thanks to the GNOME Foundation financial support of DíaGNOME.

So, if you are in Chile be there. And whether you are there or not, wish me better health! :^).

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