So I’m sick. Luckily nothing too bad, just a sore throat with an infection warning.

Last week we held GUADEC-ES in A Coruña, Galicia. It seems I got my virus there, but I’m not blaming anyone. I presented two talks which I think had a positive response from the laughing audience ;). It’s on my attic.

Anyway, so GUADEC core is starting tomorrow and people is already looking for vuntz to blame him of various stuff like network connectivity, weather, etc. Lennart is leading the efforts to chase him down and let the wrath of the masses unleash on him, ping him if interested.

I’m looking forward to sit down with Allan, Reinout, Xan and Gustavo to re-think the Epiphany UI/UX. Now that everyone is breaking everything, well, why not us? The meeting will be scheduled on-the-fly, keep an eye :P.

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  1. So it’s your fault that I’m sick, too.

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