Annual GNOME soviets meeting

Today I’m presenting some stuff about Epiphany (today @15:45), while the summary can confuse and overwhelm you, it’s actually a simple talk. It’s after Gustavo and Xan’s talk about WebKitGTK+ (“My platform is bigger than yours”, today @14:45) in the Paris room. Check the program anyway.

While you wait for it, you might want to drop by the info desk and buy a nice GNOME Free Agent t-shirt. Good stuff. You should buy one, now.

Please remember that we have a closing session in the Paris room later today around 17:00. We’ll be giving away free ponnies and -only to the first ten- rainbows. Also, you’ll have the chance to see the funny release-team banner. I heard it’s part of Lennart’s revenge.

Down with release team

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