WebKitGTK+ hackfest, day 5

Mario explaining a patch

Yeah, it’s still not over. We are still hard at work here. And we have big news today, let’s start with that:

  • Mario finished his accessibility patches, all of them. This means that after proper review, Orca blocker bugs are gone from WebKitGTK+. He’s the guy in the photo, hug him, he won the internet.
  • Martin gave a presentation about how he uses webkit-patch script, which I missed because I was fighting with Debian. Damn.
  • Xan polished his API for querying information about plugins, this will enable us to have an useful about:plugins.
  • Martin, the same cool guy, worked on much better plugin performance and polished his font fixes.
  • Alex fixed spell checking, I might work on this tomorrow on the Epiphany side.
  • After a long and painful distcheck I committed the nice error pages patch to Epiphany, they do look good now, you almost want errors to happen!
  • Philippe kept spreading his cold and fixed more tests.
  • Sergio is still polishing the cache code to make it rock solid and awesome.

Plus, Mario and Joone have uploaded their photos to flickr, check out their sets:

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  1. ReinoutS says:

    You guys rock, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there. Did your slippers arrive at Igalia in time? I sent the package on Tuesday.

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