GUADEC, day 2

You can follow what is happening at GUADEC via the @guadec twitter account.

It is an awesome GUADEC so far. Thanks to the incredible work by the local team everyone has been able to completely focus in hacking, talking and planning.

A special mention from day one is Jacob Appelbaum‘s talk about the Tor Project. The importance and relevance of Tor is incredible when you check out the graphic reports they have. Jacob even proposed that GNOME make Tor a first class citizen, which would mean a big “go anonymous” button, or even more light approaches like a real guest session. Jacob suggested that GNOME should work together with Tor in funding and mentoring some projects to improve privacy in the Free Software desktop.

Speaking of interesting talks, I understand that Xan and Juanjo gave a really inspiring talk, with some concrete proposals on how to take the next big step with GNOME. If you are wondering what they said, like I do, do not worry because the local video team is preparing all the videos to be published this same week.

If you were around the venue an cafeteria yesterday during the afternoon you might have noticed that students were chasing hackers with cameras. This is part of the Outreach Games, Summer of Code and Outreach Program for Women interns are supposed to achieve some challenges that are due tonight at 11:59PM. Don’t make it too easy for them!

I want to thank the local team again for their awesome work. This is a great GUADEC so far, only because of their hard work. You rock girls and guys!

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