It’s alive !

… seriously

Yes, I’m still alive, kicking and well. I can’t believe the last post is from 1 year ago 🙁 Lots of stuff has been happening, too much for a blog entry.

Fluendo and PiTiVi

Working at Fluendo is rocking as usual, lots of stuff happening. I am now the maintainer for gst-python, gnonlin and gst-ffmpeg. The later being a total pain in the *ss to maintain (ever tried supporting a library that constantly changes API and ABI, doesn’t make releases, … ?).
I’m about to go and give an advanced GStreamer training course for one of our biggest clients in a couple of weeks. It’s very challenging to go and explain first-hand how you can make the most of GStreamer for advanced issues, like using the base classes, proper use of time and newsegments, qos, … This should grow the number of knowledgeable GStreamer hackers nicely. More about who it was for and what they’re doing after I’ve done the course.
Event though I have not been hacking directly on PiTiVi for a while, a lot has been happening that makes it even better. Thanks to all the feedback from the Jokosher team and their use of GNonLin, a lot of bugfixing/enhancements are making GNonLin rock-solid. All the bugfixing gone into GStreamer core and the various plugins also means PiTiVi can use a LOT more files than it could 6 months ago, and can render in even more formats.
A few weeks ago, I spent a few days with Christophe, the new Fluendo graphist, thinking about the simple UI, what was needed, how people would use it, … and we came up with some good design ideas for the simple mode (a-la iMovie). The huge svg file is here , but I’ll post it soon on the wiki split up in smaller pictures with the ideas behind it. All efforts are now concentrated on making the simple UI solid as a rock !


We finally got fed up with Emma about our previous flat, and got a new one. We’ve now got the last floor of a building in the middle of Barcelona. 75sq meters, with two terrasses and fully furnished. Making barbecues whenever you want, in the middle of a city just plainly ROCKS 🙂 I also finally bought a projector and a living-room computer to go with it. I’m looking forward to use Elisa with it (til then it’s terminal and keyboard).
Emma is finally working full time at the French School in Barcelona as a kindergarten assistant. Very demanding, but she loves it. Only problem is that we can’t take our holidays whenever we want, and it means paying outrageous prices for plane trips (on average, 4 times more than leaving outside of school holidays, even when you book 3 months ahead !).