PiTiVi 0.11

So finally, after much delay, the PiTiVi team gives you: PiTiVi 0.11.0 “A hooligan’s game played by gentlemen”

This is the first release of the 0.11 unstable serie. What does the 0.11 branch mean for users and PiTiVi followers ? It will be released more often (we’re aiming at every 3 weeks), (almost) regardless of current code status, in order for you to try out the latest improvements and bugfixes, give you a more periodic idea of where PiTiVi is heading towards, and allow you to give us more regular feedback. Most of the current work is going to be concentrating on this branch, in order to finally come up with a stable branch within the next 6months.

What does it contain ? The major part is the work Brandon did for the 2007 Summer of Code, which contains a lot of nice improvements to the simple timeline. You’ll also be able to play around with the Advanced Timeline which has been re-enabled. Brandon is carrying on his amazing job post-SOC by working heavily on the project save/load framework, most of the work is currently in the code but not yet enabled. Luca Della Santina has also been commiting the beginning of a promising plugin system to extend PiTiVi’s feature-set. All in all, good stuff coming ahead !

More information on the 0.11.0 release here : http://www.pitivi.org/wiki/0.11.0

One thought on “PiTiVi 0.11”

  1. Lately I played with some GIMP screencast (featuring the improvements in the new GIMP 2.4, but I would also like to do some with Inkscape) and used Ogg Theora as the format of choice.
    It was so frustrating: I couldn’t find command line tools for simple operation like split a video without re-encoding it or join two videos together that I almost gave up (yes, I know I can change all to avi/divx and get the job done with mencoder, but this pretty much defeat the purpose).
    In those time I badly wished a barely working PiTiVi… your work will be immensely appreciated when the application will be usable even for the simplest operations.

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