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I have a phone (Nokia N80), lots of GNOME/Gentoo computers and some internet tablets. Add to that… I’m starting to move more and more for business/leasure, sometimes I only have the phone on me and I need to have all my contacts/calendar/tasks/notes synchronized over all of those devices. I’ve been trying to find a FOSS solution to do this… but haven’t found anything coherent.

What do people use that can run on all those devices and properly synchronize that information across all of them ? I’m open to solutions that require setting up a daemon on a server. And obviously… it needs to be free software (although for the phone part it might be hard) 🙂

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  1. syncml (funambol) is the best sync solution I’ve found: there’s a client for most phones (including windows mobile, symbian and iPhone). There are also plugins for evolution and thunderbird, though I’ve not tried them. I’ve not managed to get it working with kontact, but I think it’s just a case of waiting for the opensync guys.

    There’s a free syncml server at that also lets you export an ical over http, so you can at least get read-only access in the places where you don’t have a real client (kontact).

  2. Well, a couple of solutions spring to mind.

    Probably the easiest is zyb:
    You can add all your phones there and sync as necessary, and you an also sync with it using syncevolution.

    If you want to keep it private, you can use eGroupware: it has its own sync server built in, and works with syncml phones, as well as Evolution and nokia tablets usingsyncevolution.



  3. I’ll second syncml as the service you need. I’ve had mixed success using myself (one phone I had worked great, another was not so great). These days I’m using for a syncml service provider.

    I’ve used the Thunderbird syncml plugin, and it works really well. There’s also a project called SyncEvolution which sends all the data from Evolution to syncml server of your choice.

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