GLib 2.21.2 unstable release

This is the a development release leading up to GLib 2.22.

Overview of Changes from GLib 2.21.1

  • GIO:

    • g_socket_speaks_ipv4 is a new function to check if a socket can speak IPv4.
    • g_socket_listener_add_address gained a new effective_address out parameter.
    • GIO now returns special icons for XDG user directories, by the name folder-music, folder-documents, etc.
    • GIO gained support for starting/stopping of drives, which can be used in connection with external hard disk enclosures, disk arrays, iSCSI devices, etc. See g_file_start/stop_mountable.
  • GLib:

    • g_reload_user_special_dirs_cache is a new function to force GLib to reload the XDG user directory mapping from disk.

22 bugs fixed in this release!

See the original announcement for more info and downloads.

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