And the rejoicing begins

Well, here it is, today is the big day. In a few hours at 7pm, after some pizza, the rejoicing begins. Its going to be a quiet 24 hours as Jono Bacon will be locked away, blowing his trumpet but most importantly for us, not posting shit on his blog.

So, for 24 hours, let us bask in his absense, before he comes back, ego refreshed having done some self-aggrand^w^wcharity work. Enjoy it while you can.

Join The Dots On Iain’s Birthday Walk o’ Fun

A story…

I went to a concert, and at 11oclock was on my way home, feeling a bit hungry and thirsty having not eaten or drank since lunch…and so our walk begins…

Start at 1, and see how long it takes you to get to your bed at 2

(A game for ages 29+, average completion time: 2hrs)


1: Start (Pimlico tube station)
3: “Hmm, there’s supermarket round the corner, I bet it has food”
4: Supermarket (Closed)
5: “There’s lights down there, there’s bound to be food
6: Starting to suspect I’d chosen the wrong way
7: Tate Britain – “Must be food around here” – Continue wandering aimlessly
8: “Ohhh, I recognise this, yey me”
9: Still hungry and thirsty decide to try the other way
10: Sainsbury’s. Victory. Closed at 12. Time now: 12:13am. Denied.
11: Victory at Victoria! Sausage rolls, Innocence smoothie and Coke.
12: “Oh Tachbrook Street, I know that street”
13: “My street, that begins with B is to the other side of Tachbrook Street”
14: Who knows why I went down here, bright lights probably…
15: “Belgrave Rd!!! I’m on Belgrave, ummm, Street, it must be this way…”
16: “How the fuck am I back at the other side of Victoria? Seriously?”
17: There was a reason for turning here…The Force perhaps.
18: Ditto
19: “Charlwood Street…that name is familiar”
20: “Lupus Street, that leads to or away from the Tube, if I take it I’ll either be very lost, or back at the start, better keep going the way I’m going, its gotta be close if I’m near Lupus Street”
21: “Wait, is that water? How the hell am I at the Thames now? And there’s Battersea? What, half of London has just disappeared on me?”
22: Debated flagging down taxis/police to ask where Belgrave Street is
23: “Wait, I know this place, this is that bridge!”
24: “Hmm, if I go to the start then thats the longer way than this way, surely”
25: “Oh, thats why Charlwood Street is familiar then, bugger”
2: Bed (Victoria Inn)

(Incidently, yes, I am planning on driving across Canada. Why’d you ask?)

(I’ll have a GPS with me this time)