Doin’ it for the kids

This year for comic relief I will be blowing my own trumpet for 24hours.

This means I will write, record and mix my trumpet being blown all by myself. It’ll be hard, but I have lots of practise at blowing my own trumpet so I think I can do it. I enjoy blowing my own trumpet and to be able to blow my own trumpet and raise money for the kids, well, it makes me think of my heroes, Mr Bono Vox and Mr Bob Geldof who also enjoy blowing their own trumpets for charity.

So feel free to donate to Comic Relief and support me blowing my own trumpet.

(Incidently staying on the Bono/Geldof issue, has anyone noticed that the Live8 logo looks like Live $?)

(Is this good enough for you Mr Garret?)

Patrick Henry League

Found the RPM Challenge to get lazy musicians to actually produce something and get better at what they do. So I thought I’d sort of do it. 35 minutes of music in a month. Unofficially like. Mostly cos I can’t be bothered signing up, and because I’m already away for some of Feburary. Also because of that, I’m giving myself some leeway with the dates.

But I thought I’d write about it here, put up some stuff as I progress in an attempt to get some people to bitch at me if I don’t actually do it.

Last night I came up with – Post-hardcore Ain’t For Kids

Nothing fancy, lacking anything other than guitars for various reasons (my bass is in about 30 bits spread over a 10mile radius of N. Ireland for one), but I guess I’m not posting finished products here, just works in progress, so I can see how I progress and if I get any better at learning how to use the instruments and multitrack.

I already know ways it can be made better (the volume drop when the second guitar kicks in for a start can be easily fixed by readjusting the levels)

But yeah, 35minutes, which in my preferred genre is about 2 tracks, so I’m just going to record whatever comes to mind, hence the first track is a silly little post-hardcore/punk thing (whatever post-hardcore really is, and I’m almost certain its not actually, but I like the name)

(For other stuff I’ve recorded previously: My music page