Informed Choices

Its not often I disagree with Luis (because he’s going to be a lawyer soon and will sue my ass), but I thought I had to in this case.

In his post, he writes

choice is usually just another way of saying “the engineers and PMs don’t have the balls to make the hard decisions, so instead we’re going to give the users a ‘choice’ they can’t possibly make with any more reliability than a coin flip.”

I think that empowering the user to make and understand the decisions that we make them take is important and that the best way for that is, indeed, as the post Luis refers to as “The most depressing thing I’ve read all morning” is to document these choices as fully and completely as possible.

With that in mind, I have taken the time to design a desktop colour selector for this OpEnSuSe installation process. Please comment on it, and we can refine the idea before submitting it upstream.

(Obviously an important consideration is the initial choice of colours that we make available and so I’d like to hear peoples opinions of what they should be.)