Poisonous People

I’d like to formally and public announce before anyone else does that Iain Holmes is a poisonous person. In his 30 miserable godforsaken years  on this planet he has failed to live up to many of his promises and claims. In fact, most of them. Nearly all of them. He clearly cannot be trusted at all and you should not rely on him to do anything. At all. Just look at how often he tells people demanding features on metacity’s compositor. Fucking poisonous asshole. If we all shun him then maybe he’ll stop. Its the only way people learn.

Keeping things in perspective

““Motorists are being treated like they’ve committed murder every time they get in their car. It’s disgusting.” – Hugh Bladen (The Association of British Drivers) on parking meter charges like £3 for 5 hours in today’s Express. He truely knows what its like to be a convicted murderer.

Meanwhile celebrity chef Brian Turner says, “I believe if we stop celebrating St George’s Day and all that is great about our country, we will lose our distinctive identity in Europe.” Brian’s just annoyed we get St Paddy’s day of for a big pissup.

Radiohead Are Naked!

Radiohead have released a new single: Nude.

They’ve split it up into “stems” and are asking people to remix it.

That sounds nice. Oh, but you have to pay for each stem (there’s 5: Bass, guitar, vocals, strings/FX and drums).

And “Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway will be registered and credited as the sole writers”?

Seriously, this is wrong on so many levels. Trent Reznor releases a 38track album under Creative Commons and encourages people to remix it. Radiohead release a 10 track collection of what feels like unfinished stuff they’ve had kicking around the studio for a few years (Nude for example has been doing the rounds on bootlegs for over a decade now), allow people to download it for as much as they want as a gimic to up their hand in contract negotiations before removing it for download and releasing it on CD…and now they have the gall to make us pay to give them content?

FUCK YOU RADIOHEAD! Seriously, this is the final straw. I endured a couple of mediocre albums, concert prices jumping for no apparent reason (the show is essentially the same as it was when I saw them in 1997 (twice), 2000, 2001 and 2006 but the ticket prices have gone up to over 4 times the price), but no more. Radiohead have got their last penny from me (and I’ve spent a lot on them over the years)

As a parting gift, I made them a remix: http://www.radioheadremix.com/remix/?id=165. It won’t be there very long, it violates section 7 of the terms and conditions, but it made me feel better. Maybe you can go and vote on it if you’re pissed off like me.

(Edit: Yup, its gone…Well, it had 53 votes before it was removed.)